Your training experience:

We will meet for the initial free consultation after you have had the opportunity to peruse a list of questions that I will email to you after you contact me.

During our conversation, we will identify the most useful communication training topics for your team’s needs. Based on your team size and needs, classes can be anywhere from a lunchtime talk to a full week training. All classes will be designed to be fun, experiential, and designed for the adult learner.

My commitment to you:

When I create educational design, I focus on giving people tools they can walk away and use immediately. I love cultivating learning communities that recognize the collective brilliance of their knowledge, and I enjoy helping them stretch into new mastery together.

Current Catalog of Courses

Instruction: all courses are designed for different learning styles and have experiential components. Longer classes go into greater depth and include more skill-building

  • Emotionally Intelligent Leadership – Exploring different styles of emotionally intelligent leadership and when to best employ them
  • Conflict and the Organization – Finding the return on investment/effort of managing conflicts in any group
  • Conflict and the Self – Knowing your triggers, values, and helpful tools
  • Imposter Syndrome – Exploring our beliefs and how they affect our ability to lead
  • Diversity, Inclusion and Equity – Understanding the differences between diversity, inclusion, and equity to create safe, collaborative workplaces
  • Unconscious Bias – Increasing awareness of our biases, and how we can give others feedback on bias-informed behaviors
  • Inclusive and Affirmative Language – Delivering feedback utilizing positive language to build relationships, trust and optimal results
  • Learning to Say No – Setting clear and healthy boundaries
  • In the Heat of the Moment – Strategies to de-escalate intense situations
  • Thriving – Self-care and Sustainability in a busy world