Emily trained as a psychotherapist as well as earning a graduate degree in leadership and organizational development from Bastyr University (LIOS) in 2009. Since then she has worked as a Leadership Coach and Change Consultant. She likes to help the leaders she’s partnered with to seek a better understanding of their challenges and to find creative, equitable, and sustainable solutions. She possesses an easy, natural confidence and a sense of humor that can be helpful in guiding leaders and managers in their growth and success. She brings useful skills in adult education, facilitation, teamwork, creative problem-solving, and communication.

Emily has always cared deeply about experiential education. She was a lead instructor at Bellevue Massage School and Bastyr University. She was later the Assistant Director of Soul Shoppe (a non-profit organization that provides elementary schools with character education and bullying prevention training). She’s has been sought out to deliver healthy conflict skills training in many organizations. She is also currently developing and facilitating curriculum with Leadership Eastside in Bellevue, WA for their Adaptive Leadership certificate and masters degree programs.                                             

Emily is a natural leader and has been a small business owner since 1997. She has blended past of working in health care, non-profits, technology, the film industry, education, the arts community, and celebrating and supporting unusual and unorthodox organizations. She supports people improving their whole health with an understanding of the challenges they face.

Emily and her dog, Mr. Peabody, live in Oakland, CA.

“I regard conflict as the inevitable result of humans interacting – and use non-violent communication approaches in avoiding placing blame, making sure all parties feel heard, and creating a plan for understanding in the future.”