Your Action Research experience:

We will meet for the initial free consultation after you have had the opportunity to peruse a list of questions that I will email to you after you contact me.

During our conversation, we will identify a leader, company and team goal. 6 month contracts are the most common. I will then schedule initial data gathering Р usually focus groups or employee surveys. Next after noting themes that emerge from the data gathering, our goals will be refined and action steps created. Timelines will then be developed for making the changes necessary for success. After completion of our contract, I will also follow up with you at set intervals to check in about long range plans, and new challenges.

My commitment to you:

Employees are disheartened by surveys that never get addressed, and suggestions never taken. I will work with you to create clear actionable steps and support the  implementation of your plan for better return on investment, improved work culture, and sustainability.


30 minute free initial consultation